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Beijing, the capital of People's Republic of China (PRC), the center of politics, culture, transport, tourism and international communication. Beijing Travel will give you plenty Beijing introduction for the reference; provide you with Beijing attractions information.


Beijing (Peking) is a fast-growing, dynamic metropolis that, while courting foreign businesses and visitors, maintains a firm grip on its rich cultural heritage and a strictly Communist social order. It is a monolithic showcase that can give a distorted view of China to foreign visitors. Beijing has always been a hot city concerned by the tourists; Beijing travel industry also has a booming trend.

Beijing Introduction:
Area: 16,800 sq km (6552 sq mi)
Population:12 million
Country: People's Republic of China
People: 95% Han Chinese
Main language: Mandarin (putonghua)
Time zone: GMT/UTC plus 8 hours
Telephone area code: 010

Beijing is a modern city with high-rise buildings, shopping malls and vast international hotels connected by an intricate freeway system crisscrossing the city. In the rush hour, traffic jams can match those of any major city around the world and the ringing of mobile phones is incessant. However, the modern buildings conceal traditional hutongs, parks, numerous architectural treasure and exquisite yellow-tiled temples whose prayer flags and wind chimes move in the breeze created by the passing traffic.

Travel in Beijing, you’d better know that Beijing has rich tourism resources, there are more than 200 open tourist attractions, such as the world's largest palace the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, the Royal Garden in the North Sea, the Royal Summer Palace garden, Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall and the world's largest Courtyard House Prince Gong Mansion.

Travel in Beijing, you’d better know that Beijing has 7,309 cultural relics, of which 42 are national cultural relics departments, 222 are municipal departments. Currently Beijing has 456 tourist certified hotels, 407 of which are star hotels, 84000 rooms, 456 travel agents, more than 5,000 tour guides, covers 21 major languages, and formed a business across the global market. In 2000 achieve tourist targets of 2.821 million overseas, and has a total income of 2.77 billion US dollars. Beijing is regarded as "China's outstanding tourism city" by the State Tourism Bureau.

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